Meat Delivery to Kamloops & the Okanagan Region

Our next Meat Delivery to Kamloops and the Okanagan Region will be on September, 7th 2018.

For our usual delivery spots see the bottom of our Ordering & Delivery page (click here). We are always open to new suggestions for delivery/pick-up points.

New Product: Coarse liver sausage

Dear friends of healthy meat!

in case you did not notice: Now we also have a coarse pork liver sausage as bread spread, in addition to the Pork Liver Sausage you already know. The coarse one is more spicy, but also cooked and with certified organic spices and onions.

You are welcome to try it out!

Delivering Fee

Dear customers!

In the last 14 years we delivered your meat all the way to the Okanagan and Lower Mainland / Vancouver for free, the first years even to your door step. After much hesitation we are forced to charge from now on a delivery fee. The expenses for truck, trailer, tires, fuel, freezers and maintenance are staggering.

We really appreciated that some of you always added a tip – often very generous – to help with covering these costs. If we add $30 to your order for the delivery, this amount will cover not even 50% of our cost.

We hope you will agree to this approach.