Habitat Protection

Since we purchased our place in 1995, our efforts to protect the environment were always focussed with the goal to increase the ecological and economical stability of the ranch. To receive this award was a great surprise to us!


winner of the 2010 Environmental Stewardship Award

Big Bear Ranch is the Winner of the 2010 Environmental Stewardship Award from the British Columbia Cattlemen´s Association.

We really appreciate the recognition by our fellow ranchers and the BCCA (TESA) for our stewardship practices for the land and for increasing biodiversity.

We specially thank the Bank of Montreal, the BC Wildlife Federation, the Beef Cattle Industry Development Fund, the BC Cattlemen’s Association and Prairie Coast Equipment for sponsoring this award.

Here you can read the article by Liz Twan from the Williams Lake Tribune, published in Casual Country 2010.


Also a Partner in Conservation

The Big Bear Ranch is also a Partner in the Conservation Partners Program. This is an initiative of The Land Conservancy which aims to forge a mutually beneficial partnership between Conservation and Agriculture in BC.

The purpose of the program is to protect and enhance important habitat on privately owned agricultural lands by providing recognition, incentive and assistance to growers who are committed to conservation of natural habitat on their farm.
As recognition for their active involvement in habitat conservation Big Bear Ranch is rewarded with a conservation partners label to place on their produce boxes and products.


Potential Benefits of the Partner in Conservation Program are:

  •  Important habitats and greater biodiversity are conserved on farmland.
  • Farmers gain market recognition for their contribution to conservation of natural habitat.
  • The conservation label serves to differentiate TLC partners’ products within the organics market.
  • TLC partners are more competitive in local and international markets.
  • Landowners have an opportunity to learn more about the natural areas on their property.
  • Landowners receive technical and potential funding assistance for stewardship projects.
  • TLC, producers, consumers, retailers, government, and media are able to increase the profile of agriculture as an environmentally compatible industry.
  • Everyone helps to preserve BC’s agricultural land and our natural and farming heritage