We used to raise different kinds of poultry on our ranch on green forage with supplemental certified organic feed for the last few years. We moved them to new pastures every few days with electric netting. This of course was no big hindrance for predators in the air and on the ground.

The resulting losses and the non approval by “Animal Welfare Approved” of the only available poultry slaughter facility in our surrounding are the reasons we do not raise poultry for the time being.

We hope to be able to find a different (and humane) slaughter facility and more man power to do the daily time consuming chores to bring you these tasty birds back on the table.

This were our birds:

1. White Cornish Giants (Chicken)

The White Giant meat birds offer extraordinary tender meat. The amount of breast meat per bird is impressive. As these birds gain weight very fast we try to find the right balance between good meat quality and a healthy, lively bird. For that reason we raise our baby chicks inside until they reach an age of three weeks. Then we transfer them to the outside and finish them in groups on green pastures until they are ready to be harvested.

Especially for these fast growing birds it is very important to be outside as soon as possible. Their metabolism is quick and they require excellent feed quality and a lot of sunlight to produce enough Vitamin D for their body. To support them with extra calcium we feed all our birds Oyster shells as well.The White Giants are usually ready to be harvested at 8 to 9 weeks. Their weight ranges from 4 to 7 lbs.

2. Broad Bronze Breasted Turkeys

The Broad Bronze Breasted Turkeys need more time to reach the ideal weight for slaughtering than the Nicolas White Turkeys do but their meat quality is excellent, rich in flavour and are great to be raised on pasture.

Their weight ranges from 14 to 18 lbs, depending on the age and sex. We know that a lot of people are looking for smaller birds so we hope we are able to fulfil our customers’ needs with this breed.

3. Nicholas Heavy White Turkeys

This breed is known worldwide and loved for its soft and tender meat. They grow as fast as the White Giants and need a lot of Calcium in their ratio. Their slaughter weight ranges from 18 to
over 20 lbs.