Our cattle is grass fed

The 40 mother cows for our grass fed program are selected from our original 250 head Hereford/Angus cross herd. We kept smaller framed cows with a big rumen  to be able to thrive on grass alone and they must have a friendly disposition. Their offspring is able to finish on grass in the second year, which is not possible with the big framed cows.

We breed them to a Galloway bull, a breed originating in the highlands of Scotland with a double hair coat and exceptionally juicy and flavourful meat. The Galloways are small framed, hardy and easy keepers.  We want to raise cattle, which is adapted to our Horsefly climate and our specific forage. That means, no transporting of animals for thousand of miles to get “better” breeding bulls or “special” genetics. We believe there was a reason for all the different strains of livestock breeds in Europe, where each one adapted to their local environment over a long time.

We do not feed grain because grain reduces the levels of omega 3 fatty acids, Conjugated Linoleic Acid and Vitamin E in the meat, all three of which are very important to our diet and can help reduce the risk of diabetes and cancer.

We do not feed animal by-products or use any antibiotics or artificial hormones. All our animals are raised naturally in a low stress environment. A happy animal is a healthy animal.  Our animals are raised year-round on pasture, right where Mother Nature intended them to be.  Calving is also in sync with nature allowing the newborns to play on green grass on a warm summer day. No deer or moose is born on a cold winter day in February or March in ice and snow.