Ordering & Delivery

If you want to buy some of our delicious products you have the choice to either visit us or to use our order form on the page and get your order with our next meat delivery. If you decide to drop by,  please phone or e-mail us in advance so we can make sure, that we are at home. Either way, you will find products and prices on our order form.

Please note: Because meat is a natural product and for that varies in size and weight, you normally find a approximate package size of the given product in the order form. For that, the precise price for your order can be slightly more or less than the price read on the order form. After we packed your order we will send you the precise price by email (with the bill attached as a PDF-file). This will be 1-2 days before delivery.

Prices are in canadian Dollar.


All our products are available in the Lower Mainland and the Okanagan by personal delivery. We deliver 10-11 times a year (around every 4 weeks) to several meeting points in the Lower Mainland and the Okanagan.
For Delivery we have to take a delivery fee. The percentage for the delivery fee is 15% of the order with a minimum cap of $20 and a maximum cap of $50.

If you are interested, please let us know by e-mail and send us your contact details so we can put you on our customer-list. We will notify you in advance to each delivery by e-mail, approximately 1-2 weeks before the trip, which will still give you time to order.

The exact delivery date (Fridays in the  Okanagan and Saturdays in the Lower Mainland) will also be announced on our website as soon as possible (see “Upcoming Events” on the right side menu).

If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us.

Our meeting points are so far (we are open for new suggestions):