Please note:  The links below are provided for your interest only.  We (the Big Bear Ranch) do not manage or maintain any of the following websites, nor are we responsible for any of the content contained within.

 A Greener World (AGW) – AGW offers an App that exposes Food Labels that helps you understand, what which label means that is used by the food industry.  Sadly enough, terms like “Natural”,  “Free Range” or “Antibiotic-Free” have nothing to do with animal welfare or environmental sustainability at all. Click here to get to the Food Labels App.

Animal Welfare Approved  (AWA) by AGW – The most respected certification and food label for family farms raising animals outdoors according to the highest welfare standards and sustainable practices. Their rules for animal husbandry are outstanding and support sustainable farming (versus factory farming).

ACRES USA – North  America’s oldest, largest magazine covering eco-agriculture.

CIHF (Canadian Icelandic Horse Federation) – The federation is dedicated to the promotion of  the Icelandic horse and the education of Icelandic owners.

CLRC (Canadian Livestock Record Corporation)- the national organization established by the Animal Pedigree Act to keep registry records on behalf of breed assocations.

COABC (Certified Organic Associations of B.C.) – This site provides information to the COABC Producer-Processor-Handler membership as well as to the Public at Large.

Eat Well Guide – A free directory of sustainable-raised meat, poultry. dairy and eggs from stores, farms and restaurants in your area.

Eat Wild – A site about safe, healthy, natural and nutritious grass-fed beef, lamb, goats, bison, poultry and dairy products. – An interesting web page with lots of information about healthy eating and local sources of real food.

FEIF – International Federation of Icelandic Horse Association. All Icelandic Horses are registered by them.

Horsefly – Our home community in the North Cariboo Region of British Columbia.

Horsefly River Salmon Festival – The annual Horsefly River Salmon Festival.

Inspired By Imagination – The website of our son Florian (Florian Krumsiek Photography).

Raw Fitness B.C. – The Paleo Dietitian – An interesting blog from one of our customers about the connection between nutrition and health.

The Icelandic Horse Farm – located in Vernon B.C.

TLC – The Land Conservancy – A non-profit, charitable Land Trust working throughout British Columbia.

Trudi Ann’s Chai – Gigi loved Trudy Ann`s chai tea very much, therefore we want to share this “secret” with you (a beautiful website, too).

Why Organic – A great blog about the organic lifestyle.

WWOOF Canada – World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.