Our Animals

We believe in the importance of a holistic balance between the land, plants, animals and people. This starts with creating a naturally and healthy fertile soil to grow a great variety of healthy and nutrient dense plants that our animals graze to provide you and us with nutritious and flavourful, great tasting meat.

Our humane animal husbandry includes low stress handling techniques and grazing on big pastures on our Ranch (1100 acres of pastures and forests). We want the animals to be able to live as close as possible to Mother Nature’s plan. All animals are born on our place, pasture raised and the ruminants (cattle and sheep) are grass-fed and grass-finished.

Our cows calve on green grass as well as our sheep do, our pigs grow up in large pastures with trees and wallows, our few laying chickens are truly raised free range and the horses roam in big meadows.