Two new Beef Products

We have 2 new tasty beef sausages: 
Nuernberger Rost Bratwurst, a specialty from Southern Germany (my favourite) ($25.00/kg, average package size 450 grams)
and for all of you who like it hot: Jalapeno Cheese Beef Dinner sausages (did I mention hot?) ($25.00/kg, average package size 500 grams).

Order and enjoy!

February on Big Bear Ranch

Dear friends and customers,

many greetings from the snowy Big Bear Ranch. We want to share the following pictures with you and hope that you can enjoy the winter season.

Your Team from Big Bear Ranch

The House  and Garden.

Florian and Stefanie walking up the driveway with Finni and the dogs.

The “Gentleman” feeding together.

A Sow and her piglets feeding in the snow.

The Ewes feeding in the snow.

Rainer snow plowing with the Gehl.

Wirri enjoying the deep snow.

Interested in ordering a Quarter, Half or Whole Beef for Autumn?

If your are interested in ordering a quarter, half or whole beef, please let us know as soon as possible. So we can make sure that we can deliver these to you.

All of the beef of the first butcher date in June 2017 (ready for delivery in July 2017) are already sold.

The following butcher date will be in late August or early September 2017.