Date for Delivery in February is delayed again.

I just got an email again from the butcher that he will not have the meat ready in time for the next delivery.

The delivery will therefore be delayed for another week. The new dates are:

Kamloops & the Okanagan Region / February 19th, 2021

Lower Mainland & Vancouver / February 20th, 2021.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause for all of you who had already send an order. Please let us know soon if you cannot arrange to pick up your order on that date.

Date for Meat Delivery in February changed!

We are sorry that we have to inform you the the next Meat Delivery (February 2021) changes due to delay by the butcher. It will take place a week later than originally planned. The new dates are:

Kamloops/Okanagan Region on February 12th, 2021

Lower Mainland/Vancouver on February 13th, 2021.

Meat Delivery in 2021

Dear Friends and Customers,

please note that the first meat delivery in the coming year will be in February. There is no delivery planned for January.

The last delivery in 2020 will be on the 18th/19th December.