Want to order a 1/4, 1/2 or Whole Beef, 1/2 or Whole Pork or a Whole Lamb?

Dear customers,

Please notice the following information if you would like to order a ¼, ½ or whole Beef  a ½ or Whole Pork or a Whole Lamb in 2018.

If you want to get on the list for beef or pork : Please use the online order form and also e-transfer a deposit to this email address. First come, first serve.

For Lambs is no pre-order or deposit required this year. We are sure we will have enough lamb ready for delivery in fall 2018 to supply everyone who wants one.


Quarter, half or Whole Beef

If you would like to have a ¼, half or whole beef in 2018, please let us know soon.

All ¼, half or whole Beef of the first butcher date, ready for delivery in July, are sold out already.
From the second butcher date (July), ready for delivery in August or September, only one is still available .
After that you are looking at delivery in fall for ¼, half or whole beef – still available.


half or Whole Pork

The next pig butcher date with the opportunity to order a half or whole Pork is March 6th (will be ready for the delivery in April). Please order before March 6th.


Ordering a Whole Lamb

No pre-order or deposits required for lambs this year (delivery in fall). We are sure we will have enough lamb ready for delivery in fall 2018 to supply everyone.

Your team on Big Bear Ranch

Next Meat Delivery to the Lower Mainland & Vancouver

The next Meat Delivery  to the lower Mainland & Vancouver will be on December 2nd, 2017.

These are our usual delivery-spots so far:

Next Meat Delivery

Our next meat delivery to the Lower Mainland and Vancouver will be on Saturday, November 4th, 2017. Please order until Monday night (Oct, 30th).

All bills will be emailed to you on Wednesday by 8pm (November 1th). If you did not receive a bill in your email by Wednesday night, please contact me immediately. I have no time to change anything after Thursday around lunch. Please check and verify that we used the right meeting point for you.

Ordered items which do not appear on your bill are sold out. Also, quarter, half and whole beef are sold out from this year’s harvest but can be ordered for 2018.

Meeting points on November 4th are so far:

  • Chilliwack             The Local Harvest Market  at 7697 Lickman Road (Anita’s Organic new store)
  • Abbotsford            Sumas Exit at the Starbucks south of Hw1, close to Costco                                           
  • Surrey                    Exit 50 on 104 Ave, besides the corner with 164 Street
  • Burnaby                  SE corner (Lougheed & Beta) of the Brentwood Mall Parking Lot                                                 
  • North Vancouver   Mollie Nye Way at the north end of the parking lot of the Karen Magnussen Rec Centre in Kirkstone Park   
  • Vancouver             at the Unitarian Church   949 West 49th Ave
  • Steveston               parking lot behind Steveston Hotel

Interested in ordering a quarter, half or whole beef?

If your are interested in ordering a quarter, half or whole beef, please let us know as soon as possible. So we can make sure that we can deliver these to you.

Most of the beef of the first butcher date in June 2017 (ready for delivery in July 2017) are already sold. The following butcher date will be at the end of July, ready to deliver in late August or early September 2017.