Whole / Half Pork – Order now for next meat delivery

Dear customers and friends of Big Bear Ranch,

our first pigs from the 2017 litters will be butchered this Thursday. If you would like to have a custom cut half or whole of our healthy pigs, please email us before Tuesday night, because we want to sort them on Wednesday. These orders will than be ready for the next delivery on December 2nd, 2017.

Our pigs get only certified organic hog grower in addition to their nutritious pasture. Therefore, you can be sure they are GMO free and their feed is not contaminated with glyphosate (ingredient in RoundUp, causing cancer with high certainty). Most Conventional farmers spray grains, sugar beets, potatoes with RoundUp to kill the plant to save on costs for drying.

The growing epidemic of gluten intolerant people is probably one of the early warning signs of this dangerous practice.



Rainer, Florian & Steffi Krumsiek

Interested in ordering a quarter, half or whole beef?

If your are interested in ordering a quarter, half or whole beef, please let us know as soon as possible. So we can make sure that we can deliver these to you.

Most of the beef of the first butcher date in June 2017 (ready for delivery in July 2017) are already sold. The following butcher date will be at the end of July, ready to deliver in late August or early September 2017.

Delivery in January 2017!

In contrary to our December-Announcement there will be a meat delivery in January 2017!

If you send us your order via order form until January 16th, we can deliver a 1/2 or whole pig custom cut to your specifications on January 27th  to Kamloops & Okanagan respectively January 28th to the Lower Mainland & Vancouver.