Meat Delivery for 19th/20th October cancelled!

Dear Friends & Customers,

due to the fact, that Rainers Truck broke down yesterday we have to cancel the planned Meat delivery for Oct 19/20. The truck broke down yesterday on the way back from the butcher. The repair may take up to 10 days, therefore it is noch sure, when the next delivery will be. Either on Oct 26/27th  or November 2/3rd. We will inform you as soon as we know.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

The Team from the Big Bear Ranch

Change of date for next meat delivery!

Dear customers,

the butcher has not finished our sausages therefore I cannot come next week. The delivery will be on Friday, 19th to Kamloops and the Okanagan Area and Saturday 20th of October to the Lower Mainland and Vancouver.

If you want a half or whole pig in that delivery, that is still possible. If you are interested, let us know asap, please.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Delivering Fee

Dear customers!

In the last 14 years we delivered your meat all the way to the Okanagan and Lower Mainland / Vancouver for free, the first years even to your door step. After much hesitation we are forced to charge from now on a delivery fee. The expenses for truck, trailer, tires, fuel, freezers and maintenance are staggering.

We really appreciated that some of you always added a tip – often very generous – to help with covering these costs. If we add $30 to your order for the delivery, this amount will cover not even 50% of our cost.

We hope you will agree to this approach.

Want to order a 1/4, 1/2 or Whole Beef, 1/2 or Whole Pork or a Whole Lamb?

Dear customers,

Please notice the following information if you would like to order a ¼, ½ or whole Beef  a ½ or Whole Pork or a Whole Lamb in 2018.

If you want to get on the list for beef or pork : Please use the online order form and also e-transfer a deposit to this email address. First come, first serve.

For Lambs is no pre-order or deposit required this year. We are sure we will have enough lamb ready for delivery in fall 2018 to supply everyone who wants one.


Quarter, half or Whole Beef

If you would like to have a ¼, half or whole beef in 2018, please let us know soon.

All ¼, half or whole Beef of the first butcher date, ready for delivery in July, are sold out already.
From the second butcher date (July), ready for delivery in August or September, only one is still available .
After that you are looking at delivery in fall for ¼, half or whole beef – still available.


half or Whole Pork

The next pig butcher date with the opportunity to order a half or whole Pork is March 6th (will be ready for the delivery in April). Please order before March 6th.


Ordering a Whole Lamb

No pre-order or deposits required for lambs this year (delivery in fall). We are sure we will have enough lamb ready for delivery in fall 2018 to supply everyone.

Your team on Big Bear Ranch

Update Meat Delivery

Dear customers and friends of Big Bear Ranch!

Thank you for all the orders we already received! We still have no home for a half pig. They were butchered last Thursday and will be cut tomorrow (Monday). If you have not already ordered but want meat delivered on the coming weekend (December 1st / 2nd), please order until Monday night (November 27th).

I am very busy these days and will not have time for any late orders! Because after the delivery on Saturday I am flying to Columbus/Ohio. There I will attend the ACRES USA conference “From the soil up: Exploring strategies for modern Eco-Agriculture”. For more information see:

Despite all the packing we are enjoying a very warm spell right now. Even the grass grows again after the cold spell 3 weeks ago with temperatures dropping to -20C. Our cows really enjoy this.

Have a great weekend