Spring arrived!

The snow is gone and the first flowers enjoy the sunshine. Now we are busy fixing snow damaged fences and preparing pastures for the grazing season.

On April 12th we moved the cow herd from the pasture where we did the hay feeding all winter long. Now they enjoy an area with lots of over mature aspen. These aspen are budding, which provides a very nutritious feed together with the juicy bark of the young twigs. Once the aspen are laying on the ground, the cows are able to eat the bark and buds. Therefore we spaced the aspen stand, taking out the damaged (moose is peeling the bark off) and dying trees. They also enjoy the first green grass of the season.

The first litter of Large English Black pigs is on the ground and the first calf, too.

This year we have one male turkey just for fun. He herds the chicken like a rooster.

We wish you all a sunny spring and no fires, please!