Update Meat Delivery

Dear customers and friends of Big Bear Ranch!

Thank you for all the orders we already received! We still have no home for a half pig. They were butchered last Thursday and will be cut tomorrow (Monday). If you have not already ordered but want meat delivered on the coming weekend (December 1st / 2nd), please order until Monday night (November 27th).

I am very busy these days and will not have time for any late orders! Because after the delivery on Saturday I am flying to Columbus/Ohio. There I will attend the ACRES USA conference “From the soil up: Exploring strategies for modern Eco-Agriculture”. For more information see: https://www.acresusa.com/events/2017conference/about.

Despite all the packing we are enjoying a very warm spell right now. Even the grass grows again after the cold spell 3 weeks ago with temperatures dropping to -20C. Our cows really enjoy this.

Have a great weekend


Whole / Half Pork – Order now for next meat delivery

Dear customers and friends of Big Bear Ranch,

our first pigs from the 2017 litters will be butchered this Thursday. If you would like to have a custom cut half or whole of our healthy pigs, please email us before Tuesday night, because we want to sort them on Wednesday. These orders will than be ready for the next delivery on December 2nd, 2017.

Our pigs get only certified organic hog grower in addition to their nutritious pasture. Therefore, you can be sure they are GMO free and their feed is not contaminated with glyphosate (ingredient in RoundUp, causing cancer with high certainty). Most Conventional farmers spray grains, sugar beets, potatoes with RoundUp to kill the plant to save on costs for drying.

The growing epidemic of gluten intolerant people is probably one of the early warning signs of this dangerous practice.



Rainer, Florian & Steffi Krumsiek

Newsletter: October on Big Bear Ranch

Dear friends and customers of Big Bear Ranch!
I intended to write a nice update about life on Big Bear Ranch in this beautiful fall, and send our best wishes for Thanksgiving, but in the last weeks I have been just to tired when I came back to the house late at night . There is still a lot to do before the first snow falls and the weather forecast is really threatening. Anyways, today I want – at least – share a fresh picture of the cows (and horses) on the Big Field.

Newsletter: Summer on Big Bear Ranch

Dear friends, customers and followers,

this was (and is) not only a very hot summer, but also a very busy one for us on Big Bear Ranch. I am sorry to have missed several month with our next newsletter, but it was just so much to do and quite a challenge due to the dry season with lots of hot days, no rain and the forest fire – situation in the Cariboo region. Most of our animals did not seem to suffer much by the smoke of the forest fires and the dry weather, except for the chicken. They hardly layed any eggs.

Horsefly was cut off for a while as Williams Lake got evacuated and we were lucky to have virtually all of our food grown on our place. We were very close to the evacuation order area, but so far we were only bothered by the smoky skies with dark days and no growing happening on the field or in the garden. We had to cut 30 % more acres for hay than in other years to get the hay we need for the winter. 

Because of some road closures due to the fires we were not able to deliver beef to the butcher in Kamloops. And he had to discard all the lower value cuts of all his customers. This was his only solution to at least take care of higher value cuts because his freezer was filled to overflowing and his customers  could not pick up their meat in time. For that reason we are now short on certain cuts and organs, as well as on beef bone broth the next deliveries (all the bones are gone).

But we have now pork bone broth available, because these bones already were in our walk in freezer. Thanks to friends in Horsefly, who lend us their big generators, we could save all our meat in our walk in freezer on the Ranch.

Our Cattle, sheep, horses and pigs depend on the hay to survive the long cold winters up here.

The fires and the smoke are not only frightening, it creates sometimes wonderful pictures.

We hope you are all well and wish you all clear skies and a fresh breeze!

Your team on Big Bear Ranch